Legends Of Alea

Legends of Alea is a social discovery application that creates team of up to 6 people based on similar interests. The users then play a Microsoft Kinect game that integrates the interests into the game to be sorted by the players.

We used Unity to ease the process of creating a 3D game and for its networking capabilities. To get the Kinect to interact with Unity we used the middleware Zigfu, which itself takes advantage of the middleware OpenNI. The web application used to collect the usersí information was optimized for mobile using jQuery Mobile.

I was in charge of the developing for the Kinect and networking Unity together. I helped, but had a much smaller role, in other aspects such as game logic.

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45s is an online version of my friends favorite card game. Itís played similarly to Hearts, where players play tricks and one player wins it for points. The game features a login system so you can leave your game and come back to it later.

The backend is coded in PHP using a MySQL database. The front end is handled by javascript and jQuery. A large part of this project was proper security, including using tokens, properly storing passwords, and making sure moves arenít faked by checking logic on the backend.

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Album Chooser

My album chooser is a fun way to decide what to listen to. Answering a few questions gives you an album that fits your mood. The selection of records come from my personal vinyl collection. jQuery is used to dynamically add content to the page.

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Flash Jeopardy

A Jeopardy application in Flash. Flash uses PHP to communicate with a MySQL database. Also has a admin panel to manage content.

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